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Just Arrived

Air Force 1943 in Colour

Just Arrived

The Enforcer in Colour

Just Arrived

The Third Man in Colour

Just Arrived

We Dive at Dawn in Colour

Just Arrived

The Hustler in Colour

Just Arrived

G Men (1935) in Colour

Just Arrived

Let's Make it Legal

Just Arrived

Stagecoach 1939 in Colour

Just Arrived

I Was Monty's Double in Colour

Just Arrived

Follow The Fleet 1936 in colour

Just Arrived

Geronimo 1939 in colour

Just Arrived

Is Paris Burning?

Just Arrived

Idol on Parade

A to Z List of Our Available Titles


A Case of Deadly Force

A Christmas Carol (1938 Colorized)

A Cry for Help, The Tracey Thurman Story

A Fight for Justice, A Child's Wish  S

A Fare To Remember at Christmas

A Further Gesture

A Boy A Girl and A Bike (in Color)

A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story

A Hobo's Christmas

A Night To Remember (in Color)

Air Force 1943 (in Color)

All Quiet on The Western Front, 1930 (in Color)

Allegheny Uprising, (in Color)

All Through The Night (in Color)

Abbott & Costello in Hollywood (in Color)

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (in Color)

Abbott & Costello Meet The Mummy (in Color)

Along The Great Divide (in Color)

A Majority of One

A Man Called Intrepid

A Mother's Justice

A Tale of Two Cities (1935, in Color)

A Taste of Honey (in Color)

All About Eve (in Color)

Anatomy of a Murder (in Color)

An Amish Murder

An Inspector Calls (in Color)

Angel And The Badman 1947 (in Color)

Angel Flight Down

Angel One Five (in Color)

Angels With Dirty Faces (in Color)

Animal Crackers Marx Brothers (in Color)

A Place for Annie

Arsenic And Old Lace (in Color)

A Stranger Waits

A Thousand Heroes

After The Promise

Along Came Jones, in Color

Almost Golden, the Jessica Savitch Story

Always Remember I Love You S

Ambush in Waco

Amelia Earhart, The Final Flight

Amy (Amy Johnson)

An Audience with Alf Garnett

An Awfully Big Adventure

And The Sea Will Tell

And the Violins Stopped Playing

Angels & Insects

Any Mother's Son

Apartment, The (in Color)

Arizona Bushwhackers

Armed & Innocent

Article 99

Artists & Models

Assault on the Wayne

Atlanta Child Murders

Awful Truth, The (in Color)


Babes in Arms (in Color)

Babes in Toyland

Baby M

Baby Snatcher

Background To Danger (in Color)

Back Street 1941 (in Color)

Badge of Betrayal

Bad Seed, The (1956) in Color

Bad to the Bone

Ballad of Gregorio Cortez, The. S

Ballad of Joe Hill, The

Bangkok Hilton

Battle of The Coral Sea (in Color)

Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The (in Color)

Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend

Beautiful Dreamers

Bedford Incident, The (in color)

Before and After

Before He Wakes

Before Women had Wings

Behemoth The Sea Monster (in Color)

Belles of St Trinian's in Color, The

Berlin Blues

Bernard and the Genie

Betrayed by Love

Big Dreams & Broken Hearts
The Dottie West Story

Big Jack (in Color)

Big Sleep, The (in Color)

Birdman of Alcatraz (in Color)

Bishop's Wife, The (in Color)

Bitter Blood

Black Friday (in Color)

Blaze of Glory, in The Line of Duty

Blind Ambition

Blind Faith

Blonde Venus (in Color)

Blood & Honor, Youth Under Hitler

Blood for Blood

Blue Heat

Blue Lamp, The (in Color)

Body Snatcher, The (in Color)

Born Yesterday (in Color)

Boys of St Vincent, The

Boy She Met Online, The

Bride of Frankenstein, The (in Color)

Brief Encounter (1945) in Color

Bright Leaf in Color

Brighton Rock (in Color)


Bringing Up Baby (in Color)

Brothers in Arms

Buddy's Song

Burden of Proof, The

Bureau of Missing Persons (in Color)

Buried Alive

Buried Alive 2

Burning Bed

Business as Usual

By The Sea & The Picnic



Camp On Blood Island,The (in Color)

Camille (1936) in Color


Carbine Williams (in Color and French)

Carry On Cabby (in Color)

Carry On Nurse (in Color)

Carry On Regardless (in Color)

Carry On Sergeant (in Color)

Casablanca (in Color)

Case of Charles Peace, The (in Color)

Casanova Brown (in Color) 

Catch Us If You Can - The Dave Clark Five (in Color)

Chance of a Lifetime

Cheyenne (1947) in Color

Chic Murray


Child's Cry

Child Lost Forever

Child of Rage

China O'Brien

China O'Brien 2

Christmas in Connecticut (in Color)

Churchill & the Generals

City of Hope

Cold Justice

Come Fill The Cup

Comfort & Joy

Commandos Strike at Dawn (in Color)

Complex of Fear

Comrade Dad

Conspiracy of Silence

Cool Blue

Cop For The Killing, In The Line of Duty

Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

Craigslist Killer, The

Crash, The True Story of Flight 401

Creature From The Black Lagoon (in Color)

Crimes of the Heart

Cruel Doubt

Cruel Sea, The (in Color)

Cup Fever


Dandy Dick (in Color)

Dark Passage (in Color)

Dam Busters (in Color), The

Dangerous Pursuit

Dark Harbor


Dawn Patrol, The (in Color)

Day ofThe Outlaw (in Color)

Dead Before Dawn

Dead by Sunset

Dead Husbands

Dead Man Out

Dead Reckoning (in Color)

Deadly Encounter

Deadly Game

Deadly Intentions

Deadly Intentions Again

Deadly Medicine

Deadly Matrimony S

Deadly Vows

Deadly Whispers

Dear Mr. Prohack (in Color)

Death Benefit

Death in the Shadows

Death of a Cheerleader

Degree of Guilt

Deidre Hall Story

Deliberate Stranger

Dentist in The Chair (in Color)

Desert Fox, The (in Color)

Design For Living (in Color)

Desperate Justice

Destination Tokyo (in Color)

Destry Rides Again (in Color)

Destiny Turns on the Radio

Determination of Death

Die Kinder

Die Letzte Fahrt Der Bismarck

Different For Girls

Dirty Money



Don't Look Now

Doomsday Gun

Door, The

Double Crossed

Double Dynamite (in Color)

Double Indemnity (1944 in Color)

Do You Know The Muffin Man

Dunkirk (1958) in Color


Echoes in the Darkness

Eichmann Show, The

Eight O'clock Walk (in Color)


Elvis Meets Nixon

Empty Cradle

Enforcer, The (in Color) 

Enola Gay

Escape From Terror, The Teresa Stamper Story

Everybody’s Baby

Every 9 Seconds

Everything She Ever Wanted

Executioner's Song


Fab Five, The Texas Cheerleader Scandal

Falsely Accused

Fallen Angel (1945) in Colour

Family in Crisis, The Elián González Story

Family Thing

Fatal Honeymoon (Blu-ray)

Fatal Trust

Fatal Vision

Fatal Vows

Fatherland S

Fatherland  (with subtitles)

Fatherland (Blu-ray)

FBI Murders, in the Line of Duty

Fighting Kentuckian, The

Final Cut, The

Final Justice

Finest Hour

Fire & Rain, the true story of Flight 191

Fire in the Sky

First Among Equals

First Born

First Family

First of The Few (in Color)

Five Daughters

Flight 90 Disaster on the Potomac

Flying Down to Rio, (in Color)

Flying Tigers, The (in Color)

Fog Over Frisco (in Color)

Follow The Fleet (in Color)

Follow The River

Folies Bergère de Paris (in Color)

For the Love of Nancy



Fort Apache (in Color)

Fort Dobbs (in Color)

Fortunate Fool, The (in Color)

Forty Guns (in Color)

Four Faces West (in Color)

Four Minute Mile, The

Fourth Man

44 Minutes The North Hollywood Shootout

Frankenstein (1931) in Color

Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (in Color)

Frogmen, The (in Color)

From Hell to Texas

From Here To Eternity (in Color)

Frontier Marshal (in Color)

Fugitive Among Us

Fugitive From Justice, Underground Father

Furies, The (in Color)


G Men (in Color)


Garwood Prisoner of War

Gay Bride, The (in Color)

Georgy Girl (in Color)

Gene Krupa Story


Geronimo 1939 (in Color)

Gentleman Jim (in Color)

George Washinton Slept Here (in Color)

Ghost of Frankenstein, The (in Color)

Ghost Goes West, the (in Color)

Ghost of Flight 401, The

Gift Horse (in Color)

Glitter Dome

God Bless the Child

Gold Robbers, The

Gone in the Night

Good Morning Babylon

Goodnight Sweet Wife

Grass Roots

Gravy Train, The

Great Expectations (in Color)

Green Dolphin Street

Guest Wife

Guilty Hearts


Guns For San Sebastian


Hanussen S

Happiest Days of Your Life, The (in Color)

Happy Face Murders

Harmful Intent

Harvey (in Color)

Haunting of Seacliff Inn


Heiress, the (in Color)

Hell Drivers (in Color)

Her Own Rules

Hide & Seek

Hide in Plain Sight

High Ice

High Sierra (in Color)

High Noon (in Color)


Hijacked Flight 285

Hinter Der Tür

His And Her Christmas

His Girl Friday (in Color)

Hitcher in The Dark

Hitler on Trial

Hitler, the Last Ten Days


Honor Thy Father & Mother

Honor Thy Mother

House of Dracula (1945) in Colour

House of Frankenstein (in Color)

Hundred Years of Evil S

Hustler, The (in Color)

Hunt For Justice, In The Line of Duty


I Aim At The Stars (in Color)

I Believe in You (in Color)

I Confess (in Color)

I Was Monty's Double (in Color)

Ice Cold in Alex (in Color)

Idol on Parade (in Color)

I'm Alright Jack (in Color)

I Married a Witch (in Color)

I Ought to be in Pictures

If It's Tuesday, Then it Must be Belguim

In a Child's Name S

In Harms Way, in Color.

In a Strangers Hand

In Broad Daylight

In Pursuit of Honor

In the Best Interest of the Children

In The Doghouse (in Color)

In Which We Serve (in Color)

Incident at Deception Ridge

Inconvenient Woman

I Remember Mama (in Color)

Inside The Osmonds

Into The Sun


Invisible Stripes (1939) In Color

Is Paris Burning? (in Color)

It Came From Outer Space (in Color)

It Happened in Brooklyn (in Color)

It Happened One Night (in Color)

It Happened One Night (in Color Non English)

It's in The Air, George Formby (in color)


Jack Reed, Badge of Honor

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

J.Edgar Hoover

Jezebel (1938) (in Color)

Jodi Arias Dirty Little Secret


Judgment Day, The John List Story

Jumping For Joy (in Color)



Kane and Abel

Karen Carpenter Story

Keep Fit (in Color)

Keeping Secrets

Kent State Massacre

Kimberley Jim

King of The Pecos (in Color)

King Rat (in Color)

Kidnapped, in The Line of Duty

Kill or Cure

Kind Hearts and Coronets (in Color)


La Chevauchée fantastique (Stagecoach, in Color)

Laburnum Grove (1936) in Color.

Lady Vanishes, The. (1938) in Color.

Lakota Woman


Last American Hero, The

Last Innocent Man, The

Laughter in Paradise (in Color)

Laura (in Color)

LBJ The Early Years

League of Gentlemen, the (1960 in Color)

Legacy of Sin, The William Coit Story

Lethal Vows

Let's Get Harry (Blu-ray)

Let's Make it Legal (inColor)

Letter to Brezhnev

Liar Liar

Life Begins (in Color)

Light of Day

Lilly in Winter

Little Gloria Happy at Last

Little Richard

Little Thing Called Murder, A

Little White Lies

Little Women (1949 version)

Longest Day, The (in Color)

Looking For Mr Goodbar

Long Hot Summer

Loretta Young Double Feature

Lost Horizon 1937 (in Color)

Lost in a Harem, Abbott and Costello (in Color)

Love and Hate

Love Can Build a Bridge

Love is Never Silent


Magnificent Doll (in Color)

Malachi's Cove

Maltese Falcon, The (in Color)

Man in Grey, The (in Color) 

Man With The Gun (in Color)

Marilyn & Bobby Her Final Affair

Matter of Justice

Max and Helen

Meet John Doe (in Color)


Men Don't Tell

Message from Holly

Midnight Lace


Mikey & Nicky

Million Dollar Babies

Miracle Landing

Mix me a Person

Monsignor Quixote

Moon is Blue, The (in color)

Most Deadly Family

Mother Love

Mother's Testimony, A

Movie Crazy (in Color)

Mouth of Madness

Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House (in Color)

Mr Drakes Duck

Mr Horn

Mrs Sundance

The Mummy 1932 (in Color)

Mummy's Ghost, The (in Color)

Mummy's Tomb, The (in Color)

Murder Ahoy (in Color)

Murder at The Gallop (in Color)

Murder Most Foul (in Color)

Murder Between Friends

Murder in a College Town

Murder in Texas

Murder in the Heartland

Murder of Stephen Lawrence, The

Murder on Demand

Murder Ordained

Murderer's Among Us


My Darling Clementine (in Color)

My Favorite Wife (in Color)

My Favorite Year

My Little Chickadee (in Color)

My Wicked Wicked Ways


Naked City, Justice With a Bullet

NCS Manhunt

Nightmare Years, The

Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Night They Saved Christmas, The


Night Terror

Night Train To Munich (in Color)

Nichola's Gift

Nine Hours To Rama

No Child of Mine

Nobody's Children

No Limit (in Color)

Nosferatu (1922) in Color


Not My Kid S Dutch subtitles

Not On Your Nellie

Notorious, (in Color)

Not Without My Daughter


Now Voyager (in Color)


Old Maid, The (in Color)

On The Beach (in Color)

On The Wings of Eagles

Once a Jolly Swagman (in Color)

Once in a New Moon

One Against The Wind

One of Her Own

One Shoe Makes it Murder

Only The Valiant (in Color)

Operation Amsterdam (in Color)

Operation Pacific (in Color)

Ordeal of Dr Mudd, The

Other Women’s Children

Overkill, The Aileen Wuornos Story

Our Mother's Murder

Our Zoo

Out of Annie’s Past

Out of Darkness

Out of The Darkness

Over Indulgence


Pack of Lies

Palermo Connection (The)

Palm Beach Story, The

Panic in The Streets (in Color)

Paper Tiger

Paper Moon (in Color)

Paradine Case, The (in Color)

Parnell (in Color)

Passage to Marseille (in Color)

Paths of Glory (in Color)

Payroll (in Color)

People Next Door, The

Perfect Alibi

Perfect Assistant

Perfect Body

Perfect Murder Perfect Town

Perfect Weapon

Perfect Husband, The

Perfect Spouse, The

Platinum Blonde (in Color)

Platoon Leader

Place to be Loved, A

Powwow Highway

Preppie Murder, The

Pride & Prejudice (1940) in Color.

Pride of The Yankees (in Color)

Price of Vengeance, in the Line of Duty

Private Number (in Color)

Precious Victims

Prince And The Pauper, The

Prison For Children

Private Life of Henry VIII (in Color)

Promise to Keep, A

Psycho (in Color)

Puppet on a Chain

Purple Taxi, The

Pursued (in Color)


Raffles (in Color)

Rage of Angels

Random Harvest (in Color)


Rasputin, Dark Servant of Destiny

Reach For The Sky (In Color)

Rebecca (in Color)


Red Dust (in Color)

Red Headed Stranger

Red Light Sting

Red River (In Color)

Rembrandt (1936) in Color

Remember Sunday

Respectable Trade, A

Revenge of The Creature (in Color)

Reuben Reuben


Rio Grande (in Color)

Road To Singapore, The (in Color)

Rocky Mountain (in Color)

Roman Holiday (in Color)

Room Service (in Color)

Rita Hayworth Story, The

Roaring Twenties, The (in Color)

Rosie - The Rosemary Clooney Story



Royal Flash


Run of the Country

Run Silent Run Deep (in Color)



Sacred Ground

Sacrifices of the Heart

Safe Harbor

Saga of Hemp Brown, The

Sahara (in Color)

San Francisco (in Color)

Satan Met a Lady (in Color)

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (in Color)

Scarlet Pimpernal (1934) in Color

Sea of Sand (in Color)

Season in Purgatory, A

Secret life of Zoey

Secret War of Jackie's Girls, The

Sergeant Ryker

Sergeant York (in Color)

Separate Lives

Seven Days in May (in Color)

Schnellboot vor Bataan (in Farbe)

She Woke Up Pregnant

Shattered Family

Shattered Promises S


Shop Around The Corner, The (in Color)

Siege at Marion, In The Line of Duty

Silver River (in Color)

Since You Went Away (in Color)

Sink The Bismarck (In Color)

Six Pack

Ski Patrol

Slaughter of the Innocents

Small Sacrifices

Smoke Jumpers, In The Line of Duty.

Somebody Up There Likes Me (in Color)

Some Like it Hot (in Color)

Son of Frankenstein (in Color)

Son of the Morning Star

Son of The Morning Star (Blu-ray)

Song of Bernadette (in Color)

Souls at Sea (in Color)

Sparrows Can't Sing (in Color)

Spiral Staircase, The

Spitfire (in Color)

St Louis Kid, The

Stagecoach 1939 (in Color)

Stage Fright (in Color)

Stalag 17 (in Color)

Starflight One

State of The Union (in Color)

Stay The Night

Stepping Out

Stolen Babies

Stolen Miracle

Stone Killer, The

Strange Cargo (in Color)

Stranger in The House

Stranger in the Mirror

Strategic Air Command

Strawberry Blonde in Color, The


Sullivan's Travels (in Color)

Summer to Remember, A

Sunset Boulevard (in Color)

Supernatural (1933) in Color.

Survive The Savage Sea

Swearing Allegiance

Switched at Birth

Sworn to Vengeance



Taken Away

Tall In The Saddle (in Color)

Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) Double Bill (in Color)

Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) Double Bill 2 (in Color)

Tarzan (Lex Baxter) Double Feature (in Color)

Teacher's Crime

Teacher's Pet (in Color)

Tecumseh, The Last Warrior

Telling Secrets

Texas Justice

That Sinking Feeling

That's Life

The Bear, Paul Bryant Story

The Break

The Children's Hour (in Color)

The Clouded Yellow (in Color)

The Cracksman

The Creature Walks Among Us (in Color)

The Criminal

The Cry

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) in Color

The Field

The Great Escape 2, Untold Story

The Great Houdinis

The Guardian

The Guilty

The Janitor

The Lady Eve (in Color)

The Left Handed Gun (in Color)

The Letter (in Color)

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (in Color)

The Man Who Crossed Hitler

The Man With Three Wives

The Miracle

The Music Lovers

The One That Got Away (in Color)

The Other Side of Love

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) in Color

The Scarlett O'Hara War

The Sea Hawk (in Color)

The Ship That Died of Shame (in Color)

The Silent Passenger

The Stepsister

The Stranger

The Story of Dr Wassell

The Terry Fox Story

The Thing From Another World (in Color)

The Third Man (in Color)

The Train (in Color)

The Trouble Shooter (in Color)

The Trouble With Angels

The Uninvited (in Color)

The Warning

The Wedding

The World Cup, A Captains Tale

The Westerner (in Color).

Them! (in Color)

There Are No Children Here

They Died With Their Boots On (in Color)

They Were Expendable (in Color)

Thicker Than Blood

Things To Come 1936 (in Color)

This Child is Mine

This is My Street (in Color)

Till Death us do Part (Movie)

Till Death Us Do Part (TV sitcom)


To Catch a Killer

To Live For

Too Hot To Handle (in Color)

To Save the Children

Town Torn Apart

Trackdown, Finding the Goodbar Killer

Trapped and Deceived

Trail Street (in Color)



Turtle Diary

Twelve O'clock High (1949) in Color.

Twilight Murders, In the Line of Duty

Two Flags West (in Color)

Two in Clover


U2 Incident

U Be Dead

Undercover Blues




Unknown Soldier, The

Union Pacific (in Color)

Unspeakable Acts


Vanished Without a Trace

Velvet Touch, The (in Color)

Victim of Beauty, Nightmare in Columbia County

Victim of Love, Shannon Mahr Story

Victim of Rage


Virginia City (in Color)

Vows of Deception


Wagonmaster (in Color)

Warning Parental Advisory

Warrior Spirit

Waterloo Bridge (in Color)

Waterfront (in Color)

WC Fields and Me

We Dive at Dawn (in Color)

Wee Willie Winkie (in Color)

Welcome to Woop Woop

Weavers Wasn't That a Time, The

Went The Day Well (in Color)

West Point Story, The (in Color)

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (in Color)

What Love Sees

When The Daltons Rode (in Color)

When the Whales Came

Where Angels Go Trouble Follows

Where Are My Children

Where Are The Children?

White Heat (in Color)

White Lie

White of the Eye

Wife, Mother, Murderer

Willing to Kill, The Texas Cheerleader Story

The Wild And The Innocent

Winchester 73 (in Color)

Witness for the Prosecution, in Color.

Winter Flight

Without a Trace

With Savage Intent

Wives and Lovers (in Color)

Woman in Black, The

Woman on the Run, The Lawrencia Bembenek Story.

World War III

Wrong Woman, The

Wyoming Outlaw (in Color)


Yankee Doodle Dandy (in Color)

Yangtse Incident (in Color)

Yellow Sky (in Color)

You Can't Get Away With Murder, in Color

You Must Be Joking (in Color)

Young Catherine

Young Man With A Horn (in Color)

Young Mr Lincoln (in Color)

Young Mr Pitt, The (in Color)

Young Warriors


Ziegfeld Girl (in Color)


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