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On The Beach 1959 in color

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Starring David Morrissey & Tara Fitzgerald. A stalker harasses a Hospital Doctor sending threatening texts "U BE Dead". Based on a true story.



David Morrissey & Tara Fitzgerald

Based on a True Story

Hospital psychiatrist Jan Falkowski is engaged to Debbie Pemberton. After they are plagued 
by a series of silent phone calls someone enters Jan's houseboat and turns on all the gas 
taps. Over the months the couple are bombarded with text messages,expressing a desire 
for Jan and threatening Debbie with the stark 'U Be Dead'text message and similar 
death threats.The stalker even cancels their wedding by phone as well as ringing their 
families. The police trace the caller, "Maria Marchese"an Argentinian shop worker whose 
ex-boyfriend was a patient of Jan but she denies everything and the Crown Prosecution 
Service feel there is insufficient evidence to try her. By now Jan has left Debbie for the 
younger Bethan but his ordeal intensifies as he is arrested on charges of doping and raping 
Maria,for which he stands trial. She even has him suspended from work,sending him the 
triumphant text 'Got U'.

Running Time 92 minutes



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The true account of Little Big Horn, as told from both sides. With Gary Cole as General Custer. By far the best movie ever made about this subject.

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Intriguing movie which surmises Hitler winning the second World War.

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An American con artist escapes to the Australian outback to hide from a mob, but he soon finds himself kidnapped by a man hungry young woman who leads him to a bizarre community hidden in the outback. Hilariously entertaining.

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