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    Starring Ray Liotto & Kiefer Sutherland

    who think they've learned how to break the rules and save lives without getting caught.


    Based on the true story of how an amateur soccer team from the small mining town of West Auckland in the North East of England, were chosen to represent Great Britain in the first World Cup Trophy competition in Turin Italy in 1910.


    An American con artist escapes to the Australian outback to hide from a mob, but he soon finds himself kidnapped by a man hungry young woman who leads him to a bizarre community hidden in the outback. Hilariously entertaining.

    Starring Bill Paterson.
    Alan ?Dicky' Bird thinks he has a pretty good llfe. He is Glasgow's top DJ, with a nice apartment and girlfriend, Maddy. When he decides to intervene in a local ice cream war.

    Starring Tim Matheson & Ann Jillian. A screwball comedy about a Police Woman and a Doctor who meet on holiday, each not wanting to reveal their jobs to the other.


    Winner of Best Director, Best Picture and Best Actor - Native American Film Festival.


    Karl Foyle and Paul Prentice were best mates at school in the Seventies. But when they meet again in present-day London things are definitely not the same.


    Tony Curtis plays David O Selznick who after buying the rights to Gone with the Wind inaugurated a publicity stunt to find his Scarlett O'Hara. 


    Starring John Ritter & Nicollette Sheridan.

    An hilarious comedy about a wife who enters her husband onto a murderous chain letter. 


    Nine countries in 18 days! Impossible? not for some hapless American tourists


    Two hilarious dialogue free movies on one DVD. Classic British seaside postcard humour.


    Peter O'Toole is Alan Swann (based on Errol Flynn),

    a declining, boozy matinee idol who is scheduled to make an appearance on (unbeknownst to him) live television 


    A very funny 1962 British comedy, starring Terry Thomas and Eric Sykes.


    BEN KINGSLEY and GLENDA JACKSON star in this exquisite romantic comedy. 


    Starring Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis.
    Artist Dean Martin can't come up with ideas for his horror comic book series. Luckily, his mild mannered roommate Jerry Lewis dreams them up (literally).

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