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True Murder and Crime Movies.

On these pages find movies and films about murderer's, serial killers, wife beaters, fraudsters and thieves. Including infamous people such as Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy both serial murderer's. John List and Army Doctor Jeffrey McDonald who murdered their own families. The poisoner Marie Hilley in the movie "Wife, Mother, Murderer", or Diane Downes who shot her own children portrayed by the beautiful but late Farrah Fawcett in "Small Sacrifices"


    When one of the gang members gets suspicious and panics, Haid is shot and killed.


    A young marine is brutally murdered. Now the fight is on for his only child. Stars Martin Sheen and Patty Duke.


    A true story. Based on a book by Ann Rule full 3 hour mini series. 


    starring Brian Dennehy as Jack Reed.

    Alan Masters is a good guy, a successful attorney on the side of law and order. But to the hoodlums who run Chicago's rackets. Masters is a useful ally.


    It began in 1979 with the grisly discovery of school teacher Susan Reinert's nude battered body.


    The shocking true story of a young mother whose obsession with wealth becomes a lethal nightmare after she cold-bloodedly murders two husbands and nearly gets away with it.


    Starring Judy Davis & Jonathan Jackson

    The true story of mother and son Sante Kimes and her offspring, Kenny


    Starring Mary Tyler Moore, dramatization of the real-life mother/son partner-in-crime duo, Sante and Kenny Kimes  


    The true story of one the bloodiest shootouts in FBI history.


    The John List Story.
    Robert Blake and Beverly D'Angelo.


    It's both a tale of a couple's survival after a sordid affair and of the mystery surrounding the brutal murder of an innocent woman that consumes two small American towns.


    This electrifying, suspenseful thriller based upon a shocking true story of a serial killer stars Cynthia Gibb as Alexandra O'Hara, 


    Fact-based true crime story about the murder of publishing heiress Anne Scripps Douglas


    A fanatical family's belief in their divine destiny leads to a 13 day standoff with the FBI.


    starring Brian Dennehy. Len Rowan is a bully and a thief, a rustler and a murderer.
    He holds the town of Darby, Missouri in a grip of fear and no one can stand up to him.

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