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Vanished Without a Trace starring Shelley Long DVD

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A Cop For The Killing, In The Line of Duty DVD.

If you reside in Malta there maybe a couple of FREE movies for you.
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In this section we have fictional Dramas. Many deleted films or not available on DVD until now. Great movies well worth seeing again. Such as Sir Alec Guinness and Leo McKern in the wonderful Graham Green story "Monsignor Quixote". The intriguing movie "Fatherland" starring Rutger Hauer, which surmises Hitler winning the second world war and meeting President Joseph Kennedy in 1960. Or the remarkable Jane Fonda in one of her lesser known films "The Dollmaker"


    Intriguing movie which surmises Hitler winning the second World War.


    When a tantalising mystery unfolds, threatening their comfortable, insulated lives, they stand by an unspoken code: the privileged can control anything that inconveniences them. At any price.


    Starring Helen Mirren, Paul Scofield. In 1844 a school of Narwhal whales were slaughtered by the islanders of Samson. Soon after the island was destroyed by a terrible curse. Seventy years later on the small island of Bryher, two young children are playing on the beach when they befriend an old and mysterious man. Known locally as "The Birdman".


    Starring Kate Jackson. Sharon Carlson thought she would do anything to protect her child. But now she has discovered a terrible truth


    Winner of Best Director, Best Picture and Best Actor - Native American Film Festival.


    Who would wont to kill Kit Preston (Doris Day)? That's the tension-packed question in this highly charged thriller set in 1950s London.  


    Starring Sir Alec Guinness & Leo McKern.


    Peter Strauss and Judith Light star in a sobering portrayal of the secret yet surprisingly prevalent problem of husband battering.

    Carrie is an attractive high school history teacher who one day decides to help a troubled student, taking an special interest for him, unaware of the ruthless and perverse scheme masterminded for her. 


    Starring Melissa Gilberts & Ken Howard.

    Patsy Kensit and Mark Rylance star (star of BFG and Bridge of Spies) in this mesmerizing story of a young scientist who marries the woman of his dreams only to find himself tangled in a nightmarish web of shocking sexual secrets.

    Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman star in this engaging comedy about a star-struck young girl lured into the grown up world of the theatre. 


    A Murder Trail of a famous writer, heats up when the two defending attorneys become involved


    Starring Lee Majors and Lauren Hutton. The maiden flight of a near space passenger plane goes wrong


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