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A Fare to Remember at Christmas DVD

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The Prince and The Pauper mini series

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Forbidden A True Story DVD

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Arsenic & Old Lace in Color DVD

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The Boy She Met Online DVD.

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Buried Alive 2 DVD

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Warning Parental Advisory DVD

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Hijack starring David Janssen DVD

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A Mother's Justice DVD.

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The Nightmare Years Double DVD set

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A Respectable Trade DVD.

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Out Of The Darkness DVD.

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Also Known as "Charlie Muffin" starring David Hemmings.
A deadly chess game of espionage raged between the East and West, and no bigger pawn existed than agent Charlie Muffin.   

 (also known as CHARLIE MUFFIN)
David Hemmings, Jennie Linden, Sir Ralph Richardson
and Sam Wanamaker.
Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, a deadly chess game of espionage raged between the East and West, and no bigger pawn existed than agent Charlie Muffin played by David Hemmings. Returning from East Berlin after a perilous mission, he narrowly avoids a death trap set by his own colleagues. As a punishment for surviving Muffin is demoted, but the weary agent finds some comfort between his sexy mistress and a devoted wife. A call to action from the heads of the British intelligence and the American CIA brings Muffin back into the fold when top Soviet General Berrenkov wishes to defect. Despite Muffin's warnings of a Russian setup, the two agencies enact their scheme in which Muffin is expendable. But who will be the pawn when the final move is made?
Running Time 104 minutes.

This is a region free DVD which means it will play anywhere

including the USA

Not all countries use the same TV standard or DVD region code.
Because we ship worldwide, we will always supply you with the correct
TV format and region code DVD for your country, based upon your postal address.
Please see our FAQ section on TV standards and region coding.
In the unlikely event of us not having the correct type of disc for your country
with the movie you have selected,
we will issue you a immediate refund. 

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The true account of Little Big Horn, as told from both sides. With Gary Cole as General Custer. By far the best movie ever made about this subject.

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Farrah Fawcett plays Diane Downs, a true story, did she shoot her own children?

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Intriguing movie which surmises Hitler winning the second World War.

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An American con artist escapes to the Australian outback to hide from a mob, but he soon finds himself kidnapped by a man hungry young woman who leads him to a bizarre community hidden in the outback. Hilariously entertaining.

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