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    Mel Harris, Dwight Schultz and Ashley Peldon

    Rod Tyler and his wife live a life that is perfected with the adoption of two children. However, the couple become concerned at Catherine's increasingly sinister behaviour.


    Starring Sela Ward and Ron Silver

    Jessica Savitch is a news anchorwoman who appears to have it all. But behind closed doors, she hides a life which is falling apart at the seams


    Starring Treat Williams, Alice Krige and Martin Landau.

    When Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal  meets a couple reunited after being separated for 20 years by the nazis and the war, dark secrets begin to unravel which could destroy the strongest of relationships.


    Starring Diana Ross

    A moving true story about a paranoid schizophrenic (Diana Ross) who fights to regain her life with her friends and family after a new drug helps her battle her mental illness.


    Starring Alan Bates, Ellen Burstyn and Teri Garr

    Based on true events surrounding Peter & Helen Kroger who were part of the Portland Spy ring operating in Britain in the 1950s and 60s. An unlikely friendship between an American and a British woman is tested when their lives are invaded by spies and espionage.


     Starring August Schulenburg and Joseph Runningfox

    The true story of a native american girl who rises from her convent background to join her people in the 1973 uprising.


    The Dottie West Story.
    Michele Lee, Kenny Rodgers.


    The true account of Little Big Horn, as told from both sides. With Gary Cole as General Custer. By far the best movie ever made about this subject.

    Starring David Niven, Michael York & Barbara Hershey.
    Tells for the first time the full story of British Security Co-ordination, the international allied intelligence agency of World War 2 whose work has been a closely guarded secret. 

    Starring Alan Rickman as Rasputin. With Greta Scacchi & Ian McKellen.

    Please do not mistake this movie for a horror film, it's not. This film is a well crafted  and compelling true account of the last months of the Russian Royal Family. 

    Starring Joseph RunningfoxThis true story of epic courage and grace is a remarkable window on Native American life.

    Gaby, a young woman who was born with cerebral palsy and is unable to speak or move, except for her left foot with which she communicates.

    Nancy falls prey to the terrible slimming disease, anorexia.

    Starring Paul Michael Glaser as Harry Houdini the world's greatest magician and escape artist of all time.   

      When one of the gang members gets suspicious and panics, Haid is shot and killed.


      A young marine is brutally murdered. Now the fight is on for his only child. Stars Martin Sheen and Patty Duke.


      A true story. Based on a book by Ann Rule full 3 hour mini series. 


      starring Brian Dennehy as Jack Reed.

      Alan Masters is a good guy, a successful attorney on the side of law and order. But to the hoodlums who run Chicago's rackets. Masters is a useful ally.


      It began in 1979 with the grisly discovery of school teacher Susan Reinert's nude battered body.


      The shocking true story of a young mother whose obsession with wealth becomes a lethal nightmare after she cold-bloodedly murders two husbands and nearly gets away with it.


      Starring Judy Davis & Jonathan Jackson

      The true story of mother and son Sante Kimes and her offspring, Kenny


      Starring Mary Tyler Moore, dramatization of the real-life mother/son partner-in-crime duo, Sante and Kenny Kimes  


      The true story of one the bloodiest shootouts in FBI history.


      The John List Story.
      Robert Blake and Beverly D'Angelo.


      It's both a tale of a couple's survival after a sordid affair and of the mystery surrounding the brutal murder of an innocent woman that consumes two small American towns.


      This electrifying, suspenseful thriller based upon a shocking true story of a serial killer stars Cynthia Gibb as Alexandra O'Hara, 


      Fact-based true crime story about the murder of publishing heiress Anne Scripps Douglas


      A fanatical family's belief in their divine destiny leads to a 13 day standoff with the FBI.


      starring Brian Dennehy. Len Rowan is a bully and a thief, a rustler and a murderer.
      He holds the town of Darby, Missouri in a grip of fear and no one can stand up to him.

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