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Along Came Jones in Color

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Starring Sid James & Victor Spinetti

Very funny sitcom, Sid & Vic are accounts who leave the rat race by buying a farm.


Sid James & Victor Spinetti.

Very funny sitcom. The irrepressible Sid James (the Carry on Films) and Victor Spinetti (the TV producer in the Beatles A Hard Days Night) are accountants who leave the rat race by buying a farm.

SERIES One  (in Black & White)

l. With their unwilling feet sinking further and further
into the workday rut. Sid and Vic decide to buy a farm
and are soon knee-deep in forms and Friesians.

2. Sid and Vic feel that joining the county set would
set the seal on their successful transition from city
life. and apply for membership of the local hunt.
Guest John Le Mesurier

3. Wine. women and song, the ingredients for a night
out on the tiles for Sid and Vic. With a glint in his eye
Sid plans the evenings tactics.

4. When you‘ve just started to run a farm it’s
obviously politic to cultivate the friendship of your
neighbours. But Sid ruins the harvest when he drops a
clanger on Gerald Bromley Jones.
Guests Gerald Flood and Bill Pertwee

5. Vic sends a postcard to his old office to clue up his
Ex-colleagues on life at the farm. However. he is not to
know what problems this friendly gesture will present.
Guest J G Devlin

6. Life on the farm is disrupted when a financial crisis
hits Sid and Vic.
Guest Gerald Flood

2. Recovering from a monumental hangover after a
market day drinking session. Sid loses a cow. To make
matters worse, he falls foul of the breathalyser.
Guests Bill Pertwee and James Beck.

SERIES Two  (in Colour)
l. There comes a time when the oldest and most
trusted farm equipment can no longer wrestle with the
problems at Clover Farm.
Guests Jack Woolsar and Tlm Barrett

2. Alter a meeting with the bank manager Sid and Vic
hatch a plot to overcome the economic circumstances
of Clover Farm.
Guests Garfield Morgan and Blll Pertwee

3. Vic gets into trouble on a trip home to Wales. and
his brother arrives to help Sid on the farm.
Guests Richard Davies and John Savldent

4. Sid and Vic can't resist a challenge. especially alter
eight pints of bitter.
Guest Bill Pertwee

5. Sid is always up to his neck in trouble. But now he
faces disaster.
Guests Hermione Baddeley Charles Lloyd Pack.
Justine Lord and Blll Pertwee

6. Sid’s sporting activities are usually of the indoor
sort. after dark. so Vic tricks him into playine cricket
for the Vicar’s Xl. However. Freddie Truman is playing
for the opposition.
Guests Freddie Truman. Graham Crowden
and John Inman.

Two disc set containing the complete two series.
The first series is in Black & White, second series in colour.

These are region free DVDs which means they will play anywhere including the USA.

This item is available to the United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand and other countries. But sorry United Kingdom it is still available commercially there so we can not supply it to UK buyers. 

Not all countries use the same TV standard or DVD region code.
Because we ship worldwide, we will always supply you with the correct
TV format and region code DVD for your country, based upon your postal address.
Please see our FAQ section on TV standards and region coding.
In the unlikely event of us not having the correct type of disc for your country
with the movie you have selected,
we will issue you a immediate refund.

We ship worldwide including Australia & New Zealand

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